Optimizing Port Operations with OCR Technology 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is driving a revolution in optimizing port operations, and AllRead is at the forefront of this transformation. Let’s continue exploring with Adriaan Landman, COO of AllRead, how AllRead’s technology is streamlining operations at container terminals with concrete examples. 

How has AllRead’s technology helped improve operations and increase efficiency at container terminals? 

The concept of gate automation through OCR has been around for decades. “The goal is to eliminate unnecessary stops at container terminal entrances and exits, reducing manual interventions and queues while enhancing security and providing evidence of container conditions“, said Adriaan. AllRead shares this mission of boosting throughput and the quality of services offered by container terminals. With cutting-edge AI technology, AllRead aims to democratize access automation by making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective. With AllRead, container terminals with 50,000 TEUs can consider automating their access points, surpassing legacy solutions. 

AllRead meets the challenges of automation and digitization in container terminals 

Adriaan explains how AllRead addresses the key challenges of automation and digitisation in container terminals. Despite being recognized in ports, the adoption of OCR technology remains low.  

While there’s a significant trend toward digitization and robotization, ports are progressing more slowly than industries with similar complexities. This is partly due to the economics of automation not meeting expectations, resulting in insufficient return on investment. Moreover, not all container terminals have the financial capacity to invest in automation. 

To tackle these challenges, AllRead developed the Agile Recognition Software (ARS), a complete disruption of the OCR paradigm. Highly accurate with minimal hardware requirements, ARS makes access automation accessible to a broader range of terminals, breaking down financial and technological barriers. Discover our solutions.

AllRead Success Cases in container terminals 

AllRead is implemented in over 40 ports and terminals across Europe and Latin America, automating access control for roads, railways, and cranes.  

A successful case at HGK CTS Terminal in Germany illustrates how minimal hardware additions can automate a 30-year-old crane using computer vision and deep learning. Discover more about this case. CTS installed two cameras and lighting spots on the crane, along with an edge server due to the crane’s lack of connectivity. The “Ship-to-Shore tracking” project involves controlling containers upon entry and exit and providing forensic evidence. This initiative aimed to reduce error costs by overseeing container handling pre-departure, enhance resource efficiency, and enable targeted allocation of skilled workers. 

In Italy, Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT) required container traceability in two road exit lanes. AllRead guided the terminal through installing the two necessary cameras, preparing the server, and integrating the data. AllRead met TDT’s expectations of precise traffic control through a cost-effective, seamless, and swift implementation. Read more about this case. With just two cameras, they achieved a 99% success rate associating license plates with containers, 97% accuracy in container reading, and 99.5% in license plate reading. Most importantly, compared to the previous situation, data collection errors were drastically reduced. 

Data security and privacy are paramount 

AllRead operates on-premises within container terminal servers, ensuring data remains within the terminal and adhering to GDPR standards. 

Adriaan concludes by shedding light on AllRead’s future trajectory. Guided by their innovative spirit, AllRead’s tech team, led by CTO Dr. Marçal Rossinyol, is committed to pushing the boundaries of computer vision and deep learning. While AllRead already tracks diverse assets, such as containers, license plates, and dangerous goods, new horizons await. Challenges like security seal code reading and bulk cargo identification are on the horizon. Resource efficiency remains a driving force, aiming for real-time results with lightweight edge devices – a journey toward achieving ubiquitous OCR implementation. 

Ready to take your port operations to the next level? Discover how AllRead can transform efficiency at your container terminal! Contact us today for a personalized consultation and find out how our solutions can make a difference.

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