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Shipping Containers

Spot, read and digitize all data from containers (ISO, BIC numbers) and track their journey.

Rail Wagon Numbers

Spot and read wagons UIC numbers and get the train map (containers list, wagon separators placement…).

Vehicle Licence Plates

Automatically capture the license plate number, the country of origin, and all the related information.

Utility Meters

Register your utility meters consumption numbers, ID codes and much more only with a mobile phone. Integrate the data into your system.

Unit Load Devices

Track ULD codes with the highest accuracy and register the data into your system using a mobile phone.


Scan any code from products or pallets in your warehouses. Also available for Datamatrix.

Documents and Labels

Choose the text or number fields of your preference and register only the data you need, both from printed and handwritten documents.

Object Detection

Detect security bolt presence, people presence, or motion detection and even damage goods in your facilities.

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