The Role of Port Innovation Hubs

The port industry plays a fundamental role in the global economy. However, in an increasingly digitalized world, ports face significant challenges in maintaining their efficiency and competitiveness. Digitalization and Innovation have become key factors in improving the management of port operations. 

Innovation Hubs

Innovation Hubs are key catalysts in ports transformation. These centers strategically located in major ports around the world, such as the Port of Barcelona, play an essential role in adapting Industry 4.0 to port operations. 

The BCN Port Innovation Hub 

The BCN Port Innovation Hub is a private foundation of the Port of Barcelona dedicated to transforming the maritime-port sector through technological innovations. This center has driven a series of successful projects that have significantly improved the efficiency and sustainability of the Port of Barcelona. 

Barcelona Port Innovation and AllRead’s OCR Technology 

Collaboration between Innovation Hubs and technology companies is essential for the success of projects in the port industry. These strategic alliances enable ports to access the expertise and technology needed to address specific challenges, as in the case of the Port of Barcelona

Miquel de la Mano, Director of the Innovation Hub at the Port of Barcelona, notes that this successful collaboration emerged when, along with Hutchison Best Terminal, there was a need to digitize the reading of container seals. At this point, AllRead became a strategic ally, providing the necessary technology to tackle this challenge. 

“Now, AllRead and Hutchison Best not only have this project underway but are also exploring other use cases that require Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.” 

Miquel de la Mano


Advancing Toward Digital Transformation 

Collaboration between Innovation Hubs and technology companies will continue to grow in importance in the port industry. As technology continues to evolve, ports must be prepared to adopt cutting-edge solutions to maintain their competitiveness. 

At AllRead, we firmly believe that the success of our projects lies in the effective collaboration between both parties. To drive digital transformation to more ports and terminals worldwide. Our vision is to continue leading innovation in the maritime-port sector and contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry. 

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