«AllRead achieves a level of certainty above the common OCR (Optical Character Recognition) standards».

About Bilbao Port

The Port of Bilbao is the most important port in the north of Spain and the fourth largest in the country, handling 16.6 million tonnes of goods traffic. It belongs to the Port Authority of Bilbao and is recognised for its adoption of innovative technologies and its focus on the continuous improvement of the management of goods in its facilities.

The challenge: traceability in access control

The Port Authority of Bilbao (APB) set out to improve the management of the flow of vehicles and containers in its facilities. To this end, it identified the challenge of automating the control and monitoring of the entry and exit of goods at its access points, both by rail and road. The main objective was to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of traffic and to obtain complete traceability of goods in real time. This required:

The Solution: Access control with minimal infrastructure

To address this challenge, APB collaborated with AllRead to deploy its smart reading solution on three road lanes and one rail lane in a first phase. Despite the complexity of the operation, AllRead managed to implement its solution with only two cameras per lane, capturing various types of alphanumeric codes and number plates in real time. Even in challenging conditions such as damaged, dirty, out-of-focus or out-of-focus codes or in environments with low visibility, and even from moving vehicles. This data is transmitted to the APB server for management and without being sent to its security system to enable the automatic opening of checkpoints on the roads, further streamlining traffic flow.

The Result

5 codes targeted

2 Cameras


Accuracy Readings

The initial project resulted in a significant improvement in traffic management at the Port of Bilbao. Processes became more efficient and full traceability of goods in transit was obtained. AllRead was able to provide more than 95% accuracy in container and wagon code readings. As well as number plate and dangerous goods detection. This not only increased operational efficiency, but also improved safety at the port.

Project Expansion

In an ongoing effort to optimise their operations, APB and AllRead have continued to work together in the framework of the "Land & Expand" project. Currently, they are carrying out the expansion of the solution to four additional road lanes and two rail lanes. This additional step will further consolidate the Port of Bilbao's position as a leader in modern and efficient port traffic management.