Read right, read fast.
Track your assets.

Agile OCR Solution for Ports and Terminal Operators.

The next generation software for data capture.

AllRead helps intermodal platforms to control their gate in-gate out, ship-to-shore and Rail transport container handlings.

Installed on your local server, processing the video streams of a few IP cameras, AllRead provides the required information in real time, to be integrated into your TOS.

Increase accuracy.
Avoid hardware and maintenance costs.

Building on unique deep learning-based technology, we offer lightweight and cost-efficient transit control systems to ports of all sizes, lifting the financial and technical hurdles to their adoption.

"AllRead puts all the heavy lifting into the software to detect and read in the most challenging conditions. This reduces massively the dependency to hardware to reach accurate information about the container movements”.

One software, many impacts.


Operational Efficiency

Reduction of manual tasks, lead times and errors.



Faster transits. Less CO2 emissions.


Security and Safety

Control ins and outs. Monitor dangerous goods.



Proof of condition. Seal detection.

Agile Recognition Software

ARS© Road

Detect and digitize the codes of containers (BIC) and license plates (tractor and trailer) from various parts of the lane.

ARS© Crane

Detect and digitize container codes (BIC) when loaded or unloaded on the ship through Sea or River container cranes.

ARS© Rail

Detect and digitize the codes of wagons (UIC) and containers (BIC) for each train passage, from both sides of the track.

Why AllRead

Break free from the rigidity and hardware costs of traditional OCR gates. Discover a highly reliable yet cost-effective system to capture and extract container handling and transit information from any place, starting with a single camera.

Highly accurate

World class OCR accuracy guaranties operational efficiency. Less stops, less errors, less manual tasks.

Fast implementation

For a system installed from scratch, the average time to value of our customers is 3 months.


Our AI models are updated to adapt to new requirements. Add extra reading modules within the same installation.

Real time information

The road and crane transits are processed in seconds, to avoid any latencies. For trains, the whole map is delivered in less than 10 minutes after train passage.

Low hardware needs

Unlike existing OCR systems, AllRead does not require a fully equipped gate structure to operate. Less acquisition costs, less maintenance costs.

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