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AllRead MLT spots, reads and converts into big data any kind of text or symbols appearing in industrial processes, with the highest accuracy.  


Our computer vision software adapts to any reading scenario: serial numbers, damaged barcodes, ID codes, sensor readings, expiration dates and many more. AllRead is accurate even in the most challenging operational environments - from dust and dirt to movement and blur.

we spot it 

we read it 

we digitize it


AllRead MLT represents a frictionless and cost effective solution to extract valuable information in operations. It reduces repetitive manual tasks, eliminates errors and allows immediate processing of the information.

​AllRead MLT improves efficiency, reduces throughput time, and accelerates data management.

01 / TRACK

Track a product, a container or a vehicle by spotting and registering its ID. 


Use case:

Automate tracking of ins and outs of containers.

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Monitor sensors, counters

or meters. 


Use case:

Automatic gas meter readings through mobile app.


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Reading bar codes that have been damaged.


Use case:

Decrypt and reprint damaged labels on packages. 

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Identify a product and its characteristics, through a single picture. 

Use case:

Identify the engraved serial number on compressed airbottles.


Control your value chain by setting thresholds or selection rules.


Use case:

Automatic spotting of medicine with a past expiration date. 


Digitize specific information in documents and forms. 

Use case:

Extracting only the relevant information in construction documents.


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AllRead Software is easy to implement in your workflow, installed on any computer or mobile device. No specific hardware is required.



Images captured by fixed or mobile camera are instantly processed. The clean data is converted into an XML format or directly integrated into your existing information management system.

Through our mobile app, the operator takes photos or videos of the relevant information appearing on the work floor. Synchronized with the desktop version, the images captured are instantly processed and saved in the server. Our app also works offline, saving the data to be uploaded once connectivity is available.

AllRead Software can be used through our web based platform or directly be integrated in your own server through an SDK.