ARS Rail

The AllRead Automatic Reading Software (ARS) Rail is an software installed “On Premise” that processes the video streams of two IP cameras positioned on both sides of the track, to detect and digitize the codes of wagons (UIC) and containers (BIC) for each train passage.

As an option, you can add Dangerous Goods detection (hazard number and UN number), and the direction of the train (entry/exit).

Ten minutes after the train has passed, the ARS Rail delivers a file with the precise positioning of the containers in each wagon.

An image associated with each read is and saved in a database. Accuracy levels up to 99% of consolidated data, up to 50 km/h.


  • Consolidated JSON file of UIC and BIC readings in less than 10 minutes.
  • Visual interface with readings and associated images.
  • Images of the readings saved in a database.

The Service provided by allRead

  • Project coordination from the beginning to the deliverables.
  • Software configuration.
  • Parameterization of cameras.
  • Performance tests with 3 transits (morning / afternoon / evening).
  • Assistance to installation & integration.
  • 14 days assisted operations after deployment in production.
  • Access to the customer service platform.
  • Documentation and support services.
  • Periodic Health checks.
  • Periodic upgrades.



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