Keeping track of goods and wagons in rail traffic is a challenge in most operational contexts.

With AllRead’s automatic code reading software, you can streamline the monitoring of rail freight traffic easily and with high accuracy.

  • Detection and reading.
  • UIC codes.
  • Adapted to Ports and Intermodal Platforms.
  • Operating for vehicles travelling at up to 50 km/h.

Extremely accurate, even on low-quality images.

Compatible with any hardware and operating system.

Controlable and adaptable, with a customized output

Plug any IP camera to AllRead and start tracking rail cargo in your facilities.


Identify and synchronize

  • Container codes (BIC, ISO, tankers)
  • Wagon UIC codes
  • Dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Wagon separator
Container code
UIC Wagons
UIC code
Dangerous Goods
Wagon Separator

From any IP camera

Capture numerous data points through a single camera. Process its footage real-time to monitor and track assets instantly.

Receive the mapping of the train in real time: every container, on each wagon.

Covering all your needs

A standalone dashboard

including a mobile-friendly version

A data file

structured for your system

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