Success Cases
Cargo Industry

The implementation of the AllRead software has produced positive results for LHTE. Firstly, the initial objective of providing a complete list of containers and wagons within a ,aximum of 15 minutes was achieved, and then reduced to 8 minutes. Only minor changes had to be  ade to the TOS to adapt it to the new process

The Port Authority of Bilbao relies on AllRead to improve the flow of vehicles and containerss, detect and identify dangerous goods in its facilities.

Discover how AllRead can improve security and safety processes in access control.

The Port of Algeciras Bay Authority (APBA) successfully applied AllRead’s Deep Learning-based reading solution to track sea containers, trucks and trailers even for morrocan license plates.

Discover how we made it possible.

Disrupting the Status Quo of OCR in ports, through a highly accurate tracking software with low hardware requirements, to be plug-and-played in any part of the Port and terminal facilities.

Discover our Case Study with Port de Barcelona.

ADPL relied on AllRead for BIC-type containers and tank-containers reading that passed at a speed of up to 60 km/hour on its highways and railways. It was carried out using only one security camera, preinstalled in each access.

AllRead and TDT created a new slim and powerful integration, focusing on the results. Optimisation of back-office processes and cost reductions were achieved, as well as improved coverage of the vehicle monitoring system within the port facilities.