Cargo Containers Automatic Reading

With AllRead Cargo Automatic Reading Software (ARS), streamline road and train cargo through flexible traffic monitoring.

AllRead ARS (Automatic Reading Software) is a Desktop and Mobile solution that detects, reads and extracts any code from any image, video recording or video stream.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, combining Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

How it works

  • Detection and reading.
  • ISO, BIC, ILU containers… Any kind of code.
  • Hazardous goods detection.
  • Up to 99% accuracy.
  • Several readings at once.
  • Security seal bolts detection and reading.

Identifies and Synchronizes Data

Extract information from any type of container from images.

Use your mobile phone camera and photograph the container, or import them from internal storage.

AllRead ARS will record the most accurate reading in your system, helping you to optimise the process.


Get the reading of any type of container (dry, reefer…) and codification: ISO, ILU, BIC…


Detect any broken or damagee seal, and read its code.


Detect the hazardous goods plates and identify each type.

On Premise and Mobile SDK Solution

Process images in real time in a easy way, and integrate the information into your current data management system.

No additional hardware. Frictionless installation.
Find out what you need to get started with AllRead

Get to know the technical requirements and start digitizing the reading of your containers.

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