First presentation of AllRead technology in Latin America (Trans-Port Chile)

The VIII International Congress and Exhibition, Trans-Port 2022 took place in hybrid form at the Valparaiso Passenger Terminal and Convention Centre of Chile from Tuesday 22 September to Thursday 29 September. The event started with welcoming remarks by Juan Carlos Muñoz, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Francisco Sotomayor, Executive Director Gl-Events Chile and Kitack Lim, Executive Secretary of the International Maritime Organization-IMO.

More than 2,000 industry professionals visited the event, of which 40 participated as speakers and exhibitors from more than 15 different countries. Among the attendees were multinational companies such as Nokia or Movistar, port directors such as Noel Hacegaba, COO of the Port of Long Beach, representatives of the Chilean Ministry of Transport and a large number of CEO’s of private sector companies. From AllRead, we were one of the participating companies and, in addition, sponsors of the event.

Several presentation sessions and meetings were offered throughout the event.

What is Trans-Port?

The event was organised by Fisa, creator of the international exhibition sector associated with the main sectors of the economy with the aim of strengthening trade relations for Latin America and Chile.

It was divided into three main themes:

  • The next generation of decarbonisation and transport infrastructure.
  • The next generation of the port and maritime supply chain.
  • The next generation of hyper-connectivity and emerging technologies.

Based on these themes, three days of keynote speeches, panel discussions and thematic debates on development, technology, sustainability and innovation in the port sector were held.

Thanks to the talks, panels and the possibility of networking with the main decision-makers in the sector, the meeting was an opportunity to update knowledge and to cooperate with other entities and professionals for the creation of future projects that will help the development of the maritime-port sector.

AllRead in Trans-Port Chile 2022

At Trans-Port Chile, our specialist Jeniffer Rincon gave a presentation on how AllRead’s innovative technology can help bridge the digital divide in the port ecosystem. The artificial intelligence software allows any asset to be monitored using the client’s infrastructure, without the need for major modifications to it.

Jeniffer Rincon, gave a presentation on how AllRead’s innovative technology can help bridge the digital divide in the port ecosystem.

Thanks to technologies such as Deep Learning and Computer Vision, a disruption of port OCR is being achieved:

  • Higher reading accuracy.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • Reduce errors and eliminate repetitive tasks.
  • Hardware reduction.

In her presentation he included the latest success story we have worked with, together with the Port of Belize, for the digitisation of access control with the use of the new generation of OCR Software.

Digitising its processes offered the port a competitive advantage in terms of time and cost savings, reduction of manual errors and an increase in operational efficiency and productivity.

From AllRead we were able to improve the traceability of the cargo in the export process with a “Plug&Play” and scalable artificial intelligence solution.

“AllRead offered a workable solution to our challenges, easy and simple, very well suited to our needs”.

Andy Lane, Belize Port Director

Our mission is to democratise access to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the port ecosystem and remove financial barriers to their adoption.

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