We read with… Giuseppe Caleo: How Terminal Darsena Toscana uses AllRead

Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT) is the main container terminal at the Port of Livorno, specialising in reefer management, and serves the markets of central and north-eastern Italy, a key entry point to the European market. Nowadays, it is ranked among the most influential container terminals in Europe, with an annual handling capacity of 900.000 TEUs. 

TDT required a solution to automate the control of the departure of trucks  from the terminal. Prior to the project, TDT’s team performed these tasks manually, using tablet rugged close to the gate out lanes. From AllRead, with only two cameras pre-installed, we provided our deep learning-based software to automate data capture. After the project, we conducted an interview with Giuseppe Caleo, Commercial Director of Terminal Darsena Toscana to hear first-hand about his experience. 

TDT required a solution to automate the control of the departure and entry of trucks to and from the terminal. Prior to the project, TDT’s team performed these tasks manually.

Which AllRead solution have you installed in Terminal Darsena Toscana? 

– In Terminal Darsena Toscana, we have installed the OCR in two lanes for the gate out operation of the terminal. 

What do you value about AllRead’s software? 

– We are really happy about the solution AllRead found for us, mainly because they reacted to our request in a really smart way. 

Frankly speaking, we liked the solution mainly because the software part [of the product] is more important than the hardware installation. We were looking for a solution like that. 

What about the integration of AllRead data with the systems in Darsena Toscana? 

– Using JSON messages, we had no issue about integrating AllRead’s solution with the TOS on Darsena Toscana. Also, the work done by the two teams working together was really nice and smooth. 

What are the major KPI’s for you to evaluate the quality of OCR solutions? 

– Mainly, we are measuring how many transaction are passed through the OCR and we are really happy about 97% of readings of the gate out containers. 

What do you value most about AllRead’s software? What is the main added value of AllRead?  

– What I value most about AllRead’s solution is the use of less intensive hardware and specially to use Crane OCR as a module of our TOS (without a specific database and using the JSN integration between the two products)it is not necessary to install large infrastructures to obtain good results. 

In addition, the recognition rate is higher than other solutions, being 97% accurate and it is much more agile thanks to the use of JSON messages as it is not necessary to handle specific databases, you just have to let the algorithm learn. 

Why did TDT need AllRead?  

– We needed to automate outbound operations, in addition to reading the container codes and truck plates and confirming that the container is on the truck and is going to leave.  

Do you think AllRead adapted to the requirements of the terminal, or did TDT have to adapt to the software?  

– The equipment was adapted to the constraints and requirements of the port.  

How was the process from the start?  

– It was smooth, fast and frictionless.  

Were there any setbacks or constraints, how were they resolved with AllRead?  

– The IT project and development was the tricky part. The evolution with both teams was focused.  

AllRead modified the installation, TDT placing cameras, so TDT felt it was correctly assessed. AllRead proposed several solutions for message exchange, TDT chose the best (JSON message) for its TOS, and ended up with the best results. 

Has AllRead listened to the demands of the Terminal, and in what way?  

– Yes, AllRead did not initially consider using a server for each lane, but IT system and network architect monitoring the activity in test environment and send data to Allread. The Data were analised together and all both the teams agrred to dedicate 1 server for each lane.   

If you could ask for anything more from AllRead, what would it be?  

– You missed, perhaps, working on having your own AllRead platform to be able to control and use our application. This is not the focus for TDT’s TOS, because  we have skilled IT team to managed data and processes (in this case TDT implemented a real time Lanes monitoring system and an alart system based on email messages in case of mistakes), but maybe with others. For example   having the own dashboard could be easy to sell. 

And also being certified with big players would be good for AllRead. Although OCR integration with TOS is a must, having a complete product would be more useful.  

What are the next steps with AllRead?  

– For future plans: implementing OCR in other use cases that we are still figuring out. 

What are the main differences of AllRead compared to legacy players or other OCR solutions?  

– We appreciate that we use less hardware, and it gives a lot of benefits in terms of installation and not having problems with it. It’s a difference with other OCR.  

Other providers also work well, they can be certified Navis providers… But AllRead’s software is easier to install and use. The algorithms work really fast and deliver good results with minimal hardware requirements.  

In addition, the team is responsive, the relationship works fluidly and the accuracy ratio is good. We have the feeling that the team is made up of young and intelligent people. 

TDT integrate its own software (the part of the TOS used like the host system for Navais that is called JTIS) with its skilled develop and analisys people. Together All Read professional skills, all the people involved create a “new product” focused to maximize the result for everybody. 

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