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AllRead Innovative Pyme

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities that publicly recognizes the innovative nature of companies have recently awarded us the Innovative Pyme Seal.

This badge represents a highlighting of small and medium-sized companies that, in recent years, have carried out accredited activities in the R+D i area.

AllRead MLT has had to meet a series of requirements to achieve the accreditation, according
to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, an Innovative Pyme is considered innovative when any of the following
circumstances occur:

a) When it has received public funding in the last three years, without having suffered revocation to incorrect or insufficient execution of the financed activity.

b) When it has demonstrated its innovative character, through its own activity.

c) When it has demonstrated its capacity for innovation, through any of the following official certifications recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness:

  • Young Innovative Company (JEI), according to the AENOR EA0043 Specification.
  • Innovative small or micro-business, according to AENOR EA0047 Specification.
  • Certification in accordance with standard UNE 166.002 “R & D & i management systems.

The Innovative Company Seal is another recognition of our efforts in research, innovation and diversification of our products.

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