Renfe awards an AllRead project for rail freight traceability

The railway operator, through TrenLab, has selected our proposal with the aim of reinforcing its digitization strategy.

Renfe’s president, Isaías Táboas and the company’s general director of Development and Strategy, Manel Villalante, together with the representatives of the winning proposals. Among them, Miguel Silva-Constenla, CEO and Cofounder of AllRead.

Best proposal for Freight Transport Digitisation

RENFE’s startup accelerator TrenLab has awarded a proposal from AllRead for the traceability of assets in cargo transport as the best proposal for the digitisation of freight transport. This project offers a software for detection, reading and digitisation of all types of codes.

It is a system that is easy to install and integrate in cameras or mobile devices, “very useful for asset traceability, access control, meter reading or stock control in ports, logistics and industrial companies“, explains the railway operator.

Miguel Silva-Constenla, CEO and Cofounder of AllRead, presenting the project in the TrenLab event held in Madrid, Spain.

The Award

Due to this, AllRead will have access to up to €50,000 to develop a pilot of their project, major investors, and will be part of a six-month personalised acceleration programme at Wayra’s hub. During this period, we will be mentored by professionals, experts and technicians from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and Renfe. Depending on the results of the pilot, we will be eligible for a contract of up to one million euros for the deployment of their project with Renfe.

Our proposal consists of a software for the intelligent identification of texts and codes in operational environments, based on Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies. The solution integrates agilely and is highly scalable in several points, since it does not require major investments in terms of infrastructures. It needs only the installation of a single camera connected to the network. Thus, the software is able to replace visual inspections and automatically extract relevant information from cargo containers, wagons and other assets. Therefore, we hope to work together with Renfe to support the digitisation of rail freight transport“.

Miguel Silva-Constenla
High speed train and cargo tracking by AllRead.

Watch the video of our presentation at the event

AllRead technology has presence in Ports, and now in Rail Operators

We have already applied the technology in several ports, both inside and outside Spain, with a traceability and automation system for Port of Leixões (Portugal), with cameras that allow trucks to be identified when they enter the premises at a speed of up to 60 kilometres per hour.

We also installed a railway OCR system at the port of Barcelona, enabling it to automate the data capture process that previously involved a 30-minute manual task. The ‘Computer Vision’ technology used means that the system can be implemented in any point and location of port facilities or, in this case, in collaboration with Renfe, railways, with the aim of speeding up the movement of goods.

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As we can see, disruptive tracking alternatives such as AllRead are becoming an effective and efficient solution in a variety of areas and agents within the supply chain, as they reduce the need for infrastructures and the hardware dependency.

If you wish to discover how Artificial Intelligence can be used in the logistics-port environmentcontact us. We will share how our software can improve operational efficiency in your company.

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