We showcase AllRead’s technology at Mobile World Congress 

From Monday 28th February to Thursday 3rd March, AllRead’s team has returned once again to the world’s most influential technology event for the connectivity industry: Mobile World Congress

The world’s leading and pioneering companies have been here to share the latest technological advancements. It’s the best place to be for networking opportunities with mobile and technology industry influencers

We showcase our technology at our booth

As it is the best place to showcase new technology to leaders from different industries, AllRead has presented and showcased our solution in our booth, showing some of our main success cases with key customers in the port logistics industry. Any visitor could find us at Hall 6 of 4YFN, in The Collider area, next to the Mobile World Capital and Wayra corners. 

There, we arranged face-to-face meetings with us for them to see first-hand what our technology was capable of digitize any code or text in real time using a single camera, and offering optimal results even in the most challenging operational environments.

We had conversations with several technology, logistics companies and influential investors who were interested in our solution. In addition, we gave talks to small groups from our booth where we gave them a primer on what AllRead is all about, showing them visual examples of the capabilities of our technology. 

28th February, 15:45 to 16:45 – “The Collider Startup Pitches

On the first day of the event, Miguel Silva-Constenla, CEO and Co-Founder at AllRead, was invited by The Collider to give a pitch at their event “The Collider Startup Pitches” in the Discovery Area of the MWC. 

Miguel Silva explained what AllRead is based on, the main problems we solve; the reduction of investment in hardware systems and the increase of efficiency and speed in the ports. He also showed how we provide solutions to these problems, using success stories such as the following:

1st March 10:00 – “Ports 4.0: Supporting the future of the Ports

AllRead’s COO and co-founder, Adriaan Landman, was also invited to give a talk. In this case, it was an event organised by Port of Barcelona and Tech Barcelona, named “Ports 4.0: Supporting the future of the Ports”, located at their stand.

Adriaan, in his pitch “Ports 4.0: AllRead, disrupting OCR”, explained how with AllRead’s solution, we offer higher accuracy than traditional OCR through a software based on Deep Learning and Computer Vision for the supply chain.

“We don’t need any specific camera nor hadware: just with a Plug & Play installation, we can start reading anywhere in the port using a single camera.”

Adriaan Landman, COO & Cofunder of AllRead

As Adriaan commented, the technology we offer at AllRead represents a cost-effective and frictionless solution for capturing and extracting valuable information in operational environments:

  • Reduces repetitive tasks.
  • Eliminate errors and avoids manual repetitive verification steps.
  • Allows immediate processing of information.
  • Useful in several areas of the company, regardless of the industry.

1st March, from 17:10 to 17:55 “The Next Level of Process Automation, hosted by Port of Barcelona

Carles Rúa, Head of Innovation at the Port of Barcelona, gave a talk at the Beta Lab Stage at 4YFN on process automation in the port sector. He spoke about our success case with the BEST Hutchison terminal at the Port of Barcelona, in which we intelligently detect, read and digitize container and wagon information in real time.

If you have not been able to talk to us and you are interested in doing so, schedule a video call with us to discover how AllRead can help you.

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