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AI Port of Barcelona
Given the complexity, size and importance of port logistics value chains, innovation in the industry and the use of new technologies are necessary.
AllRead software at Port of Barcelona
It is well known that globalization and the rise in international trade have increased the importance of the port's role in the logistics chain.
The 7th Terminal Tag Congress was held in Berlin on 10 November. Combined transport has been growing for years and is considered a successful model.
Technologies in seaports are manifold. Discover the use of drones, edge computing, artificial intelligence and IoT.
Differences conventional and smart ports
The smart port concept is increasingly present in the port world. Entities all over the world are committed to digitalisation.
The LATAM Ports Virtual Forum was held virtually from Tuesday, August 2nd to Thursday, August 4th. A total of 17 speakers and hundreds of attendees participated.
Smart ports are ports that use innovative technologies and automation systems to improve their performance.
As we all know, ports are increasingly faced with the need to embrace digital transformation to remain competitive.
On the 14th, 15th and 16th of June, one of the world's leading events for ports, terminals and shipping took place.
Last Thursday 16 June, we were invited to a new round table to talk about transformation in ports.
OCR is an indispensable technology for accurately tracking alphanumeric container codes at ports and terminals.
artificial intelligence use cases in ports
One of the technological solutions most likely to affect operations in ports is artificial intelligence.
The disruption brought by AllRead's Artificial Intelligence in the logistics-port environment, in Industry 4.0 and in water and gas companies is not limited to the use of on-premise software. AllRead can also be installed in any mobile device using our SDK. Discover its added value and the integration possibilities.
The Relevance of OCR in Port Logistics
Is OCR important in the Port Logistics Industry? Is OCR a must-have technology for asset traceability? Are there alternatives to this technology? Find out in the following article.
AllRead participates in Trans-Port 2021_ ports, technology and startups
After the past sessions of Trans-Port 2021 on "The challenges of the maritime port industry", organised in Santiago de Chile, we present our contributions to the event through the presentations of Jenniffer Rincón, Business Development Manager at AllRead, and Marçal Rossinyol, CTO of the company.
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics
The impact of technology on the logistics industry has brought about a paradigm shift in operations. Find out more in our article.