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The 7th Terminal Tag Congress was held in Berlin on 10th November. Exceeding the number of participants, this year’s event illustrates the relevance and potential of intermodal transport and the need for exchange and the high value of a network opportunity for intermodal transport. 

Combined transport has been growing for years and is considered a successful model. Its advantages are obvious: it is economical and sustainable transport, whether by rail or long-distance waterways, combined with the flexibility of the truck, combined transport offers a sustainable solution to future transport challenges

What is the Terminal Tag? 

Termina Tag is one of the most important combined transport conferences in the country. It brings together intermodal terminal operators, rail operators, logistics platforms and inland ports, among other players in the freight transport sector. 

Organised by SGKV, the event brought together relevant industry players. It has created the opportunity for the actors of the intermodal chain to enter into an intensive exchange and jointly promote the strengthening of the potential of combined transport. 

This year’s event focused on how the efficiency of existing infrastructure resources and between players can be increased with the help of specific digitisation and automation measures. 

AllRead’s role in Terminal Tag 2022 

From AllRead, we attended the event as guests as winners of the last 2021 edition to show the evolution of our technology, new features and success stories. 

Adriaan Landman, COO and co-founder, and Urban Pettersson Commercial Director, showed our new project with HGK Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG, for the automatic tracking of security seals and containers being loaded onto ships (‘Ship to Shore’), using only 2 cameras positioned on the cranes and AllRead software. 

The robustness of our Deep Learning-based machine vision software allows us to operate with minimal hardware requirements, both in terms of cameras and computational power on the Edge server. 

The container’s BIC code and seal can appear anywhere in the image. Our detectors and readers will find it, and digitise it with the highest accuracy, withstanding the challenges of distance, rotation, soiling and damage common in port operations. 

After the event, our team continues to work to contribute to the improvement of rail transport. As in our projects with Renfe  and the Port of Barcelona in which we collaborate to optimise railway operations and increase visibility and traceability in the logistics chain. 

We believe that advances in intermodal transport cannot be separated from widespread digitisation of the sector. At AllRead, we believe that by proposing affordable and cost-effective cutting-edge technologies, we lift the technological and financial barriers to their adoption. In this way, we want to contribute to the digitisation of the sector, optimising its operations and making them safer, more agile and more profitable. 

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